Wayne Carley
2055 Barrett Lakes Blvd.
Kennesaw, Georgia 30144



Curriculum and STEM classes / lectures available

On campus STEM instruction of science, technology, engineering and math with hands on activities as well as in-depth conversation regarding STEM careers and the preparation required.

How to incorporate STEM into the classroom and current curriculum.

Classes range from one hour to multi-day.

Grade level appropriate K-Adult.

Activities, demonstrations, visual aids and lecture

The creative process.

Breaking down and understanding S.T.E.M.

Classroom discipline and optional approaches.

A variety of curriculum's are available based on grade level, grades 1-Adult.

Writing and development of curriculum.

Real life applications.

On site visual demonstration is available using state of the art, one of a kind software programs.

Introduction to flight

Aerodynamics / Bernoulli's principle

Sectional chart interpretation

FAA laws and airspace overview

Careers in aviation


Build and fly

Principles of rocket flight


Space technologies

How GPS works

Satellites and orbital paths

Propulsion systems

New private corporate space flight

Einstein’s general theories

Fabric of space and time theories

The nature of the universe

Understanding UAS (Drone) technology

Carbon fiber applications

Composite plastics and 3-D printing technology

Remote electronic communications

Career opportunities using UAS (unmanned aerial systems

Public safety and service uses

Computer construction

Components, software

Build a computer from ordered components

Hands-on student computer construction

Evaluation of appropriate components based on use

Ongoing technical support

Introduction to Binary coding

STEM Magazine, a personalized version

Unlimited monthly distribution of a personalized version of STEM Magazine as your STEM platform of communications.