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STEM Magazine offers on campus STEM classes and activities, “LIVE” remote STEM exercises and distance learning to your location via Skype, Go to Meeting or teleconference.

About Us

Wayne Carley is the CEO and publisher of all STEM Magazines. Wayne has been an educator and author for over 17 years spanning grades 1st through college and beyond. Since 2006, Wayne has focused on STEM related curriculum and concepts having served as the lead S.T.E.M. instructor for grades 6 through adult at the National STEM Academy. Wayne has personally taught over 87,000 students in hundreds of classrooms giving him unique exposure to the classroom and culture of public and private schools. More about us…

Curiosity is Vital

Curiosity leads to investigation, leading to imagination, then to inspiration, to creativity and finally to innovation. STEM Magazine believes that this process leads to higher graduation rates, improved testing results and a strong national workforce of creative minds in every industry. The example and inspiration of individual educators carries tremendous weight on a daily basis, greatly impacting the quality and effectiveness of the classroom environment, so their well being must not be ignored.