On campus and remote (Go to Meeting / SKYPE / Facetime) STEM instruction of science, technology, engineering and math are available with hands on activities as well as in-depth conversations regarding STEM careers and the preparation required. The following are many of the topic available for on campus and remote teaching. To learn more or to request a session contact Wayne Carley at wayne@stemmagazine.com

  • How to incorporate STEM into current curriculum.
  • The creative process and inspiration
  • Defining and understanding S.T.E.M.
  • Classroom discipline and optional approaches
  • Writing and development of curriculum
  • Real life applications and career preparation
  • On site visual demonstrations are available (local or remote)
  • Introduction to flight physics
  • Aerodynamics / Bernoulli’s principle
  • Sectional chart interpretation
  • FAA laws and airspace overview
  • Careers in aviation
  • Rocketry / Build and fly
  • Principles of rocket flight
  • How GPS works
  • Satellites and orbital paths
  • Propulsion systems
  • New private corporate space flight
  • Einstein’s general theories
  • Fabric of space and time theories
  • The nature of the universe
  • Understanding UAS (Drone) technology
  • Carbon fiber applications
  • Composite plastics and 3-D printing technology
  • Remote electronic communications
  • Career opportunities using UAS (unmanned aerial systems or Drones )
  • Drones / Public safety and service uses
  • Computer construction
  • Components, software
  • Build a computer from ordered components
  • Hands-on student computer construction
  • Evaluation of appropriate components based on use
  • Ongoing technical support
  • Introduction to Binary coding
External Resources:

MIT: https://blossoms.mit.edu/news/stem_pals_newsletter
MARS Classroom Program: http://www.stemmagazine.com/MARS.php